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Lawn and Garden 15 pcs Accessory Kit for Slatwall Organization

Price: $165.00

If you're just getting started with a Slatwall installation, picking one of our pre-assembled kits is the quickest and easiest way to get going with a diverse accessory selection.

This is the Lawn and Garden 15 pcs Accessory Kit for Slatwall Organization (will fit any standard 3 in center to center, slatwall product with a 3/8 in. slot). 

Included in this (15) piece kit are:

6 - 4″ Hooks w/Hook-LOK

1 - Big Tool Rack

1 - Big Work Hook

1 - Grip Everything Hook

2 -  Small basket

1 -  Shallow basket

2 - Deep Baskets

1 - 2412 Shelf

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