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Slatwall Organization

Slatwall Garage Organization Systems
The most common first step many people take when organizing their garage is to install one of the many hook - item holder options which  mount directly on the wall surface and generally work well.   What if you need to move it over a foot to make room for something else?  When you decide it's time to rearrange several things, what's the effort and time need to accomplish the move?

Let us introduce you to the concept of Slatwall garage organization systems.  Slatwall is a generic product name for slotted wall panels, we all see used in retail store displays.  There are many different Slatwall brand names, with some being quite different.  The generic Slatwall standard design, has the slots 3 inches apart vertically measured from the center of one slot to the center of the next, with the slot itself being approximately 3/8 inch wide.  All of the Slatwall panels and accessories sold by The Garage Store® adhere to this standard.

Slatwall garage organization systems and products are among the most flexible and efficient organization systems available to make the most of your garage wall space.  You'll never have to hunt for a wall stud or worry about a sheetrock anchor pulling out ever again when you want to simply hang a new item or move an existing one.  There are Slatwall Hooks, Baskets, Shelves and many more garage specific options available to hold, hang, store, dispense and many more.  The Garage Store® offers Slatwall panels and Slatwall accessories from several different manufacturers to cover most any color or style request you may have.

Which Slatwall system is the right one for you?  Our White storeWALL or HandiWall panels are right for you if you prefer the minimalist-type of decor.  Looking to make a statement with something really unique?  Take a look at storeWALL's Bronze panels.  Are you a real racing fan or motorcycle rider?  The Black and Diamond Plate Slatwall MX panels or Graphite Steel storeWALL panels would be a great fit for you.  We're all about providing everything for you to make your garage, home!

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