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Gearwall Shelves

In this Garage Wall Organizer category, you’ll find Gladiator Garage GearWall compatible Shelves and Shelf Brackets designed to work with Gladiator Garage GearWall panels.   Several feature our Schulte Slat Wall Shelves packaged together with our Gladiator GearWall Activity adapters which allow you to install and use them like any other Gladiator GearWall Shelf.

We also have several X-Large Gladiator Garage GearWall Shelf options for those really big and bulky items.  Our Slat Wall Shelves come in both a wire-form, with the X-Large versions being solid sheet metal. 

Please note Gladiator Garage GearWall panels are slightly different than standard SlatWall panels (slots are a little farther apart and the slot itself is a bit wider). 

Also take a look at our Aluminum and Aluminum Diamond Plate Shelves, Holders and Dispensers for those specific items you need to store or just want to show-off with a nice accessory item your neighbor won’t have.