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Aluminum Wall Mount Broom Hanger

Price: $29.99

We all keep our garage-shop floors clean, right?  Here's a tough Aluminum Broom Hanger available in 2 sizes to hold your traditional brooms and a deeper/wider model for large Shop Brooms.  Pretty versatile, can also hold power tools and ladders for example.
Need to mount it on Pegboard, storeWALL-HandiWALL-Slatwall, Gearwall? Select the type of wall your going to be installing the dispenser on in the "Wall Type" dropdown  when adding to your cart and we'll include the correct Item Back Plate.  Default installation is fastening with a screw to a solid surface.

Smaller Hanger dimensions:  4.5in. W x 5.75in. H x 2.25in. D

Larger Hanger  Dimensions:: 8in. W x 5.25in. H x 4.25in. D

Natural Aluminum Finish 

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