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Under the Dash Bench Creeper

Price: $139.99
Tired of breaking your back trying to do even the simplest of tasks underneath the dash of a car?   The Under Dash Creeper is for installers, mechanics, or anyone who works under an automotive dash.  It provides a comfortable work position and eases stress on back and neck muscles. The 38 in. long bench surface is easily height adjustable, from 13in. to 24in. high, the Dash Surfer fits small Sports cars to Trucks.   Designed for commercial use, the base is constructed of heavy gauge steel and the top is ¾ in. plywood padded with 1in. foam rubber and covered with heavy duty vinyl.  Makes a great seating area for working on vehicle doors and windows as well. 
If you work under an automotive dash, you know the discomfort of the door sill pressing into your back or ribs while you try to concentrate on the job at hand.  The Under Dash Creeper makes you comfortable, so the job goes easier and quicker. Supports up to 350lbs.


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