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Aluminum Extension Cord - Hose - Rope Hanger

Price: $25.90
Use this Aluminum Hanger for Air Hose, Extension Cord or Rope storage to help in organizing your garage and having a place for everything. Capable of holding up to 100ft of Electric Extension Cord or Rope and 50ft of Air Hose and 25ft of Water Hose. . 
Need to mount it on storeWALL, HandiWALL-Slatwall, GearWall? Select the type of wall your going to be installing the dispenser on in the "Wall Type" dropdown  when adding to your cart and we'll include the correct Item Back Plate.  Default installation is fastening with a screw to a solid surface.

Dimensions: 6.25in. Wide x 4.5in. High x 4.5in. Deep.  Natural Aluminum Finish 

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